Sunday, July 15, 2012

☩DIY☩ Ten Minute Earrings

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ two headpins, you can find them at most craft stores or on Etsy
✝ small beads
✝ pliers

Total time:
10 mins! That includes the gathering and putting away of materials.

I don't know about where you are, but here, it is hot. Hot and humid and I really can't be expected to put much effort into anything cause moving my arms just makes me hotter. This DIY is perfect for how lazy I feel right now.

I love these little beads because they look like tiny pomegranate seeds. I think this would look even prettier with tiny gold beads, I need to find some...

Put enough beads to cover about 3/8 of the length of the pin.

Bend like so.

Curve slightly.

Have a party...or just lay on the couch under the fan...whatever.


  1. They look great :) cant wait to try a pair.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay, I want to do this. Thanks for sharing.

    amen fashion xo.

  3. love the idea, but maybe I do just one, I don't really like symetrical things..

    kisses forn spain!

  4. love your blog ! :)

  5. So simple but so chic! I think you're right, it would look adorable with gold beads. Or silver beads. :)
    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Kate ♥

  6. beautiful, I just made a green pair and a small pink pair and I love them. Found you via pinterest! Thanks for showing us how to make these!

  7. this is so original, thank you!

  8. These are amazing (& so simple!). Thank you so much for this tutorial - you have a new follower :o)

  9. Please, please warn people that this isn't clean/sanitary enough to go through a hole [especially a fresh or unhealed hole] in your body. Maybe it's alright for temporary wear in a well healed piercing, but there should be a liiiittle bit of a warning for people who might not know better.

  10. this is such a great idea!! check out my blog too!!

  11. i love it ! i wanna try but i don't know what headpins are or where i can find them in belgium.
    do you know a site or a shop? :)

    1. You can find them on Etsy and Ebay. Good luck!