Monday, April 16, 2012

☩DIY☩ Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ embroidery thread
✝ rhinestone necklace
✝ scissors
✝ embroidery needle
✝ wire cutters (you can just use the scissors if you don't care about them)
✝ jump rings
✝ tape measure (optional)

Total time:
1 hour

Total cost:
My rhinestone necklace was $15 but check your local Claire's!

I need more bling in my life.

First, cut 26 strands of thread measuring three times the circumference of your wrist. Then separate into two groups of 12 and one group of 2.

Tie a knot in the end of one of the strands of 12 and braid it.

Do it again with the other.

Use one of the extras to sew the two braids together. I wanted it to be neat so I tied the end to the fringe...

...then I threaded it through the knot.



Clip the excess rhinestones off. 

Then use the last strand of thread to sew the rhinestones onto the braid. I threaded it through the knot, the same as before.

The great thing about using a necklace is you can just reuse the clasp.

You could skip the whole first part of this and use a friendship bracelet or make a big braid with yarn and just attach the rhinestones. Make it your own.

Uh, hello, I'm super fancy.

Have a party!


  1. Great DIY, love the idea!

  2. This is gorgeous! It even looks good with just the 2 braids together :)

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  4. so pretty, what a great idea! <3

  5. its perfect idea!

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  6. So adorable! I'm going to make gifts for all my friends now!

  7. Fabulous makeover project! It reminds me of Indian jewelry.

  8. Very creative and inspiring, I Love it!! hoping to be able to make my own jewelry one of these
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