Saturday, March 24, 2012

☩DIY☩ Eddie Borgo Pyramid Stud Choker

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ 27 1/2" studs (or however many whatever sized studs that make 16")
✝ jump rings
✝ a clasp or wire to make a clasp
✝ needle nose pliers

 Total time:
1 hr

 Total cost:
$5 ish

So, I have a million studs left over from a project I'm working on and I've become addicted and am tempted to stud everything I see. I really shouldn't do that so I am looking for as many ways to use up the studs as I can find. This Eddie Borgo Pyramid Stud Choker retails at Bergdorf for $365...are you joking?

I make it!!!

Use the pliers to loop the stud tines.

Attach them with jump rings.

I made a little hook out of the wire and that was it. So darn easy!

Have a party!!


  1. I love your blog and you are very beautiful >.< Just saying ~

  2. Wow that's so nice of you!!! Excuse me while I go over there and blush. : )

  3. These are all really helpfull and fashionable, i absolutely love all this sort of stuff :) I'm looking for things with this so of "zaz" if you know what i mean. You have a lot of talent xoxo

  4. Where did you get your shirt? It is so pretty! And I can't wait to try out this tutorial:)

  5. this is frickin awesome! you're extra great & creative!! ijs

  6. Oh God...I would have never figure this out. I also have a million of this studs and i didn' know what to do with them. Thanx

  7. wasnt this on cut out and keep?? i think it was. anyways i loved it then and i still love this! maybe one ill try it or try it as a bracelet!! please check out/follow my blog