Saturday, March 24, 2012

☩DIY☩ Bohemian Chain Headpiece

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ chain
✝ jump rings
✝ pliers
✝ crystals, charms, beads or whateva you got

Total time:
10 mins

I've always wanted one of these!

This is like the easiest thing I've ever made!

First you need three pieces of chain, all the same length. I made mine 11" but it's a good idea to measure in case you have a huge/tiny head.

 Attach the ends of all three strands of chain and one of the charms with a jump ring.

 Do the same at the other side.

 Then find the middle of the two outer chains and add charms.

Could this be easier?

 Excuse me while I frolic through the forest.

Have a party!!


  1. Love this post! I linked your blog on my site for head/hair jewelry post :)



  2. Love your headpiece. Thanks for sharing.

    Kisses from Portugal

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  3. This is stunning. So making this.
    Thank you

  4. Ten minutes is such a short period, but I think I can do that in 20 minutes. Haha! Just kidding. Anyway, you’ve done a good job with your headpiece. Though it’s just simple, it suits that butterfly on your head. :)

    - Idaline Cirillo -